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Fun stuff!

I just played some of this game and recorded it and uploaded it to youtube. My recording was messy in the beginning but I'm going to make another part that is only the game. Also can I get a game thumbnail? Love your game! <3

Excellent gameplay! Thank you very much for playing, in the following updates there will be more stages to choose. We'll be happy to see more gameplays :3 

A tip: When you hear the steps, the creature is looking for you, be fast and never stop!

If you need a thumbnail, take this:

Greetings from the team of Nauze Games! :)

a very interesting game. i haven't played many 3rd person horror games. the only real problem i have with the game is that the monster can go through walls. it's almost impossible to avoid him.

Hi, thank you very much for making a video about our game, In future upgrades the monster will only chase after you and not cross the walls.
Thanks for playing!